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Reece Hart  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Computational biologist, genome data architect, software engineer. Technically deep with strong strategic vision and leadership skills.
Advises on: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Data Architecture, Software Engineering
Hans Constandt  
Gent Area, Belgium, BE

CEO & Co-Founder, ontoforce and Co-founder & Managing Director schoolKID VZW, schoolKID.
Advises on: Hiring, Fundraising, Business intelligence, Innovation, Management + 12 more
Mike Thompson  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Analytic Scientist, Fair Isaac Corporation. Previously Freelance Quantitative Analyst, Maximum Entropy Solutions.
Advises on: Python, Saas, Data, Machine learning, Algorithms, Analytics, Bioinformatics + 10 more
Andrew Hessel  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Autodesk Distinguished Researcher, Autodesk and Former Co-Chair, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Singularity University.
Advises on: Software development, Healthcare, Leadership, R&d, Social Entrepreneurship + 19 more
Jim Bower  
Medford, Oregon Area, US

CEO, Numedeon Inc. (, Chairman Virtual Worlds IP Inc, Former faculty California institute of Technology, Computational Neurobio
Advises on: E-Commerce, Social networking, Gamification, Game development, Social Entrepreneurship + 17 more
Fabricio F. Costa  
Greater Chicago Area, US

Member and Mentor, MATTER Chicago and Consultant, Medscape.
Advises on: Project management, Technology, SEO, Business, Social networking + 17 more
Mike Bobak  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

freelance/ side project/s, consulting. Previously Architect Adaptive-Learning-Platform, Apollo Group.
Advises on: Data analysis, Machine learning, Rules, Artificial intelligence + 12 more
Anu Acharya  
Hyderabad Area, India, IN

CEO, and Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum.
Advises on: Innovation, Enterprise software, Data analysis, R&d, Bioinformatics + 15 more
Ari Akerstein  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Principal Product Manager, Walmart eCommerce. Previously Head of Marketing & Growth, Incredible Labs. San Francisco State grad. Boston grad.
Advises on: Market research, Business intelligence, SEO, Data analysis, Digital marketing + 24 more
David Flanders  
Cambridge, United Kingdom, GB

Life science executive & CEO, interim & consultant: equity fund-raising, strategy, business development, market analyses for biotech, agtech
Advises on: Outsourcing, Fundraising, Project management, Software development + 21 more
Vincent Schachter  
Paris Area, France, FR

Vice-President R&D, Total. Previously Head of Biotechnology R&D, TOTAL.
Advises on: Algorithms, Biotechnology, Cleantech, Computational Biology, Open Innovation + 8 more
Michael Koeris  
Greater Boston Area, US

Fellow, SynBio LEAP and Founder, VP Business Development & Operations, Sample6. Boston grad. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Finance, Business, Venture capital, R&d, Medical Devices, Biochemistry + 23 more
Mark Tomizawa  
Greater Boston Area, US

Co-founder, NowCivic and R&D Game Design, Playful Mindful: HumanSmart On Demand. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Patents, Engineering, Marketing, Fundraising, Design, Equity, Crowdfunding + 272 more
Mike Lelivelt  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President of Product Lifecycle Management, Genomic Health. Previously Sr Director of Bioinformatics Products, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Advises on: Product management, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology + 11 more
Iman Famili  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Previously Executive Director/VP, Cell Systems Informatics, Intrexon Corporation. University of California, San Diego grad.
Advises on: Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Computational Biology + 7 more
Abilesh Malli Gunasekar  
Washington D.C. Metro Area, US

Director - Research, LAB P53 Research Center. Previously Director - In-Silico Research, Aetitea Life Sciences Research Pvt Ltd.
Advises on: Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Business Strategy, Computational Biology + 12 more
Tom Rindflesch  
Washington D.C. Metro Area, US

Information Research Specialist, National Library of Medicine (NLM).
Advises on: Machine learning, Academics, Artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics + 12 more
Ray Salemme  
Greater Philadelphia Area, US

Founder & CEO, Imiplex LLC and Scientific Advisory Board, Progenra, Inc.. University of California, San Diego grad. Yale grad.
Advises on: Patents, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Computational Biology + 6 more
Barry Bunin  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO & President, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD, Inc.), see:
Advises on: Market research, Saas, Enterprise software, Management, Leadership + 31 more
Elgar Pichler  
Greater Boston Area, US

Advises on: Machine learning, Data Visualization, Academics, Algorithms, Artificial intelligence + 24 more
David R Webb  
Greater San Diego Area, US

Vice President, Drug Discovery, Syrrx.
Advises on: Academics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cancer Research, Chemistry + 28 more