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Michael Broder, PhD  
Greater New York City Area, US

Man of learning and letters committed to truth, beauty, and justice who wants to create a radically different kind of learning platform
Advises on: Academics, Editorial, Medical Communications, Scholarship, Writing
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine  
Singapore, SG

Advisor, Lengio Corporation and PhD student, Kenan Sahin Presidential Fellow, MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad.
Advises on: Python, JavaScript, Wordpress, Php, Machine learning, Linguistics + 11 more
Jacob Kojfman  
Calgary, Canada Area, CA

Previously Lawyer/Solicitor, Cawkell Brodie Glaister LLP. Previously Senior Legal Counsel, British Columbia Securities Commission.
Advises on: Fundraising, Finance, Policy, Management, Contract negotiation, Licensing + 11 more
Neha Palacherla  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Intern, FounderDating and Student Manager, UC Davis Conference Center.
Advises on: Marketing, Customer service, Academics, Public speaking, Social Media + 1 more
Guy Seemann  
Israel, IL

Previously Founder and Director, Kol Oleh Movement. Previously Co-Founder and Co-CEO, OneDay Social Volunteering.
Advises on: Project management, Policy, Management, Government, Non-profit, Politics + 13 more
Valerie Brennan  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Business Development Manager, Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP and Advisory Board Member, Three Day Rule.
Advises on: Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, Market research, Management, Training + 20 more
Eva Luo  
Greater Boston Area, US

Co-Founder, Carewrite and Student, Harvard Business School. Harvard Business School grad. Harvard grad.
Advises on: Project management, Public Health, Healthcare, Non-profit, Academics + 2 more
Kerry Gallivan  
Portland, Maine Area, US

Board Member, Teens to Trails and CEO & Co-Founder, Chimani.
Advises on: Marketing, Fundraising, Networking, Management, Training, Digital marketing + 12 more
Mukul Kumar  
Santa Fe, New Mexico Area, US

Chief Academic Officer, Hult International Business School. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad. Princeton grad.
Advises on: Market research, Management, Analysis, Leadership, Competition, Program Management + 16 more
Tyler Hudson-Crimi  
Greater New York City Area, US

Founding Partner, Catalyze Marketing and Consulting and CIO, ShopTalk, Inc..
Advises on: Marketing, Valuation, Wordpress, SEO, Web Development, Enterprise software + 18 more
Elena Mansur-O'Dowd  
Chile, CL, Intercultural Communications Consultant, ChildrenĀ“s English Workshop owner and teacher, rep @ IOR Global Services.
Advises on: Communications, Academics, Consultancy, Crosscultural, ESL, Intercultural + 4 more
Sandra Cochrane  
Kalamazoo, Michigan Area, US

Adjunct Professor, Western Michigan University and Board Member, National Business Incubation Association. Michigan State grad.
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, Small business, Recruiting, Management + 18 more
Harold Collum  
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, US

Board of Directors, North Texas Crime Commission and Founder & CEO, US Data Mining.
Advises on: Sales, Marketing, Fundraising, Project management, Negotiation, Management + 26 more
David Durant  
Greater Atlanta Area, US

Senior Consultant, Capgemini Consulting. Previously Vice President of Marketing, Valerie & Co. Photography. Serial entrepreneur.
Advises on: Finance, Valuation, SEO, Competition, Venture capital, Investments + 9 more
Mitch Gordon  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Entrepreneur in Residence, Haas School of Business and CEO, Co-Founder, Go Overseas.
Advises on: Marketing, Fundraising, Customer service, SEO, Recruiting, Management + 18 more
Philippe van Nedervelde  
Spain, ES

Director of International Development, The 2045 Initiative.
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, Customer service, Policy, Security + 35 more
Gary Stock  
Kalamazoo, Michigan Area, US

Entrepreneur in Residence, Startup Zoo; CEO and Technical Compass, Nexcerpt.
Advises on: Policy, Academics, Databases, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Advocacy + 5 more
Gerrit Wolf  
Greater New York City Area, US

Director of Innovation Center, College of Business and Professor, Stony Brook University. Cornell grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Fundraising, Customer service, Market research, Management + 15 more
Traci Williams Hancock  
Greater Omaha Area, US

Executive Director, Innovation Accelerator. Previously Executive Director, Bio Nebraska.
Advises on: Leadership, Non-profit, Program Management, Public relations, Academics + 4 more
Joshua Flannery  
Sydney Area, Australia, AU

Manager:Student Entrepreneur Development, UNSW, Co-founder, Field Dreams
Advises on: B2B, Marketing, Project management, Market research, Business intelligence + 25 more
Shawn Landres  
Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Co-founder & CEO at @Jmpstrt; Board of Managers at @TheHUBLA & @SPARKExperience; and more. Columbia, Oxford, UC Santa Barbara grad.
Advises on: Fundraising, Leadership, Non-profit, Politics, Social networking + 12 more
Kunal Sinha  
Greater New York City Area, US

Director, Glencore Canada Corp. Previously Commodity Marketing Team, Copper Concentrates and Sulfuric Acid, Glencore International AG.
Advises on: Fundraising, Valuation, Market research, Management, Leadership, Competition + 10 more
Isaac Shalev  
Greater New York City Area, US

Founder,, President, Sage70. Previously Chief Executive Officer, BigPicture Advisor.
Advises on: Fundraising, Project management, CRM, Email Marketing, Management + 19 more
ilie mitaru  
Greater New York City Area, US

Entrepreneurial Fellow, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. University of Oregon grad.
Advises on: Wordpress, Graphic design, Social networking, Public relations, Academics + 8 more