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Eric Gayles, Ph.D.  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Engineering Director and Strategic Solutions Architect, Advanced Research and Development
Advises on: Big data, ASIC, Big Data Analysis, Big data technologies, Cloud Computing + 5 more
Brett Fox  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Previously CEO, Touchstone Semiconductor. Previously Entrepreneur in Residence, Crosslink Capital. University of California, San Diego grad.
Advises on: Engineering, Marketing, Electronics, Leadership, Competition, Product management + 17 more
Mitch Altman  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

CEO, Cornfield Electronics, Inc.. Previously member, TechShop, Inc.. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign grad.
Advises on: ARM, Small business, ASIC, Embedded Systems, FPGA, Signal Processing + 2 more
Rahul Shukla  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

Senior Technical Staff Member, AMD. Previously Member Technical Staff, AMD.
Advises on: Testing, ASIC, SOC, Verilog
Paul Smith  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Principal Consultant, eVBIAS Consulting. Previously CEO & Co-founder, MAVRIC Semiconductor, Inc.. Wharton grad.
Advises on: Engineering, Marketing, Project management, Wireless, Electronics + 28 more
Kalyan Subramanian  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Previously Manager, Application Software Development, Tilera Corporation. Previously Manager, DSP and Communication IP Applications, Altera.
Advises on: Hardware, Project management, Linux, ARM, Firmware, Wireless, Software development + 16 more
Tuna B. Tarim  
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, US

Manager, WW Design Automation, Texas Instruments. The Ohio State grad.
Advises on: Analog circuit design, ASIC, Engineering management, Semiconductors + 2 more
Regie Bariuan  
Region IVA - Calabarzon, Philippines, PH

Founder, Teesr Inc. and Founder, Founder Institute.
Advises on: Linux, Testing, ASIC, FPGA, Git, SOC, Verilog
Kush Gulati  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

President and CEO, Omni Design Technologies, Inc.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad. Advisory Board Member, Skulpt
Advises on: Hardware, Wireless, Wifi, Electronics, Tech startups, Leadership, Wearable technology + 10 more
Theodore Vaida  
Colorado Springs, Colorado Area, US

Founder/CTO, Exact Assembly and Ice Hockey Referee (Amateur), USA Hockey.
Advises on: Engineering, Hardware, Project management, Linux, Software development + 19 more
sirous samsami  
Greater Seattle Area, US

Web Developer, START
Advises on: Java, Product management, Network virtualization, App development + 10 more
Rajesh Keloth  
Bengaluru Area, India, IN

Senior Engineer, IBM. Previously Engineering Manager Sr., AppliedMicro.
Advises on: Business Development, Analog circuit design, ASIC, Engineering management + 4 more
Gil Spencer  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Consultant, Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc. and CTO / Co-Founder, AlpineLogic Inc.
Advises on: Hardware, Saas, Linux, Firmware, Software development, Security, Enterprise software + 30 more
Neil Trevett  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Vice President Mobile Ecosystem, NVIDIA and President, Khronos Group.
Advises on: Firmware, Wireless, Software development, Monetization, Open source + 26 more
Giri Amarakone  
Toronto, Canada Area, CA

Sr. Director, Marketing and Business Development, MediaTek. Previously Various, Product Marketing/Management Tegra, NVIDIA.
Advises on: Mobile, Linux, ARM, Wireless, Management, Android, Product management + 21 more
Ali Khan  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Co-Founder, ZeroDB and COO, Z Machines. Stanford grad. The University of Texas at Austin grad.
Advises on: Marketing, Security, Ip, Networking, Product management, Product launch + 13 more
Steve Zadig  
United States, US

COO, Vital Connect, Inc. Previously COO, Vital Connect, Inc..
Advises on: Wireless, Electronics, Product management, R&d, ASIC, Consumer Electronics + 3 more
Skip Taylor, PhD  
Austin, Texas Area, US

Founder/President, Elegant Audio Solutions. Previously Director of D2Audio Technology, Intersil Corporation.
Advises on: Hardware, Firmware, Electronics, Product management, R&d, Analog circuit design + 17 more
Kevin Leary  
Greater Boston Area, US

Founder, PowerHydrant. Previously Product Line Director, Digital Audio, Analog Devices.
Advises on: ARM, Wireless, Business, Management, Leadership, Computer Vision, Video + 22 more
Kaumudi Phanasalkar  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Principal Engineer/Manager, Qualcomm. Previously Board Member and Treasurer (volunteer positions), Palo Alto Farmers Market.
Advises on: Wireless, ASIC, Embedded Systems, SOC, mobile devices
Mark Harward  
Dallas/Fort Worth Area, US

CEO, KarMic Design Private Ltd. Previously CTO, Syndiant, Inc.
Advises on: Technology, Electronics, Testing, Leadership, Manufacturing, R&d, Program Management + 14 more
Gordon Harling  
Canada, CA

CEO/President, Innotime Technologies and Advisory Council - Conseil des aviseurs, Que Innovations Lab. University of Toronto grad.
Advises on: Patents, Wireless, Ip, Electronics, Product management, Venture capital + 27 more
Abhi Dugar  
San Francisco Bay Area, US

Director, Cloud Infrastructure & IoT Security @ International Data Corporation. P&L Mgmt, Biz Dev, Strategy, and Engineering background.
Advises on: Marketing, Market research, Saas, Wireless, Enterprise software, Management + 24 more
Michael Vartanian  
Greater Detroit Area, US

Senior Business Development Manager, Qualcomm and Business Advisor, Xondas. Harvard grad. University of Michigan grad.
Advises on: ARM, Firmware, Bluetooth, Wireless, Php, Wifi, Electronics, Android + 32 more